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    is an internet marketing company. We work for you to help you grow your business using the internet. Some people believe a web page is all they need for their business to be found on the internet. But internet marketing is so much more than that!

    Your website must be well designed, then properly optimized so that search engines such as Google will find you. The right tags and key words must be  used as well, to make your website most effective.

    In addition to a website, your business needs to be set up on Google +, Bing, and Yahoo, and you need a Facebook Fan Page.

    Then there is the whole realm of mobile marketing; mobile website, texting campaigns, appointment reminders, QR codes, and more. Mobile marketing is not just another option, it is essential for your business to stay on top in today’s mobile world.

    Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be. Turn it over to me at

    Call me and let me start building your online business presence today!  

    Bryan Bledsoe – 509-252-6008